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jomfruen dating-nettsteder

international and foreign human rights organizations attended the event. Significant fines replaced repressive measures as the main mechanism of exerting government pressure on journalists. 24 Electoral Process:. Considerable political restrictions mar electoral process in Belarus. 26 The purpose of the commission was to summarize proposals to amend the electoral legislation. . Petty bribery is not widespread, and corruption has a mainly institutional character. Considerable economic reforms are also unlikely, due to the potential social and political risks. Local authorities sought to improve cooperation with CSOs, following the recent trend of local grassroots initiatives becoming more visible and numerous. There were 50 such cases of punitive fines being levied on journalists throughout 2017, with fines totaling more than 20,000. The clearest example of amiable relations between Belarus and the West was an official invitation extended to the Belarusian leadership to attend the Eastern Partnership summit in Brussels on November. In September, the Ministry of Justice carried out a recertification of attorneys.

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While over 150 new public associations and 23 organizational structures for political parties were registered in 2017, no notable CSOs or oppositional political parties were granted registration throughout the year. Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (the Luxembourg Financial Supervisory Committee). In total, approximately 900 people were subjected to some form of pressure in March; more than 100 of whom faced sentences of administrative detention.

The economic crisis and persistent social problems have drawn societys attention to civil activism and initiatives. Major social protests began in Belarus in February, culminating in the authorities use of repressive measures to stem the demonstrations in March. Law enforcement agencies did not disperse the rallies or detain most participants during the early wave of demonstrations in February. As a result of the Belarusian authorities efforts to improve both the domestic political climate and relations with the European Union and United States, the spring repressions against protesters had virtually no impact on relations between Belarus and the West. Please read the important information below before continuing to our website. ETFs may be exposed to currency risk if the ETF or Benchmark Index holdings are denominated in a currency different to that of the Benchmark Index they are tracking. The first Conference of Judges was held in Minsk on October. 41 In 2017, social protests in winter and spring represented the main challenge for the media in Belarus. The amendments to the Code also brought some changes to judicial courts self-government institutions. The catalyst for the protests was the implementation of Ordinance No. 15 However, the initiation of a criminal inquest against the leadership of the independent trade union REP in August marked an exception to this trend of de-escalation (see Civil Society). 19 Nevertheless, the exercises were held in a regular manner and did not lead to an escalation in the region.

On January 24, significant amendments in the Judiciary Code envisioned by the round of judicial reforms came into effect. Cookie Use and, data Transfer outside the.